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"We were referred to Nature's Swimming Hole by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received. We definitely plan to use A Piece of Paradise the future for any service and product they can supply us with!'

This is a letter that a young child wrote us after she came in with her Dad to buy fish for thier new fish pond. We thought it was cute! the bottom of the letter says "form: the guy's daughter".
It says; "Great Job on the water garden! Thank You!".

Dear Dave,

When we first moved into our home in Ashaway, we had only $8,000 left after moving expenses. The house needed painting, landscaping, and a number of other necessities.

One day, we visited A Piece of Paradise and I was smitten. You came by for an estimate on doing a water garden for us, and I made an instant decision to have your team install a waterfall and pond. Everyone thought I was crazy and more than a bit frivolous.

Turns out, it was the best money I ever spent. The pond and waterfall are so magnificent and we spend all of our free time there, relaxing, listening to music and just enjoying the beauty. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely invest in my wonderful pond and waterfall. It's truly like living in A Piece of Paradise.

Ashaway, Rhode Island 

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A Piece Of Paradise

206 Nooseneck Hill Rd 
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Phone:  401.397.9939

  Swimming holes take us back to childhood memories of exploring creeks and swinging on ropes into the waters of a lake or pond. Summer time and swimming holes are one and the same in many of our minds!
A swimming hole will transform your backyard into a place of adventure and relaxation. Whether you like to take a dip to cool down or lounge away the day on a raft, floating by the fish pond and waterfall. Add a gazebo and/or a SoftTub hot tub to truly create A Piece of Paradise in your back yard!

  All our nature swimming holes have a conventional swimming pool filter system to keep the water crystal clear., with no fish or aquatic plants in them.  However we have made designs that have a fish pond /watergarden on the side of Nature's Swimming Hole (pond) to look like all one pond.  The plants and fish are separate from the swimming hole.  Two separate ponds, two separate types of filtering systems, which makes a really nice design.




The swimming hole pictured above is 15'X32' and has a triple tier waterfall.  If you look closely you will see stepping stones leading you right into the water with a natural stone stairway.  The depth of the swimming hole ranges from 2' for the kiddies to 5' for the kids at heart!

If you look closely there is a sitting rock under the water.
Nature's Swimming Hole with beach, SoftSub (hot tub) and fish pond. The fish pond is on the right side of swimming hole, separate from swimming hole. Yes we are a authorized dealer of SofTub.

Natural stepping stone path leading to a stepping stone stairway underwater.









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